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Handmade children’s costumes, bird capes and accessories

There are no boundaries to a child's imagination.
All we need to do is open the doors to their wardrobes and encourage them to step into their fantasy.
Let us be the tailor to your child's wild dress-up closet!


Springtime 2019


These beautiful pictures by @days.of.wander for World Book Day started us into Spring. Whether you want to escape to Alice’s Wonderland or any other magical kingdom, let 2019 be the year for your kids to enjoy some dress-up and explore their imagination.

Things to come



Welcome to the Carnival!

Some of the circus collection is already available. More highlights to follow.


Very special superheroes

In 2018, Atelier Spatz was asked to get involved with GOSH International and Superhope to make a set of very special superhero costumes …

Peter Pan

Who wouldn’t want to live in Neverland? The Peter Pan collection was inspired by a classic look…

Bird Capes

Each bird cape is unique. Rows of feathers are hand cut by hand from vintage and new materials …

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