Atelier Spatz started with Jo's own kids growing up with vintage costumes that had been in her family for generations. Missing from the seafarer's chest of costumes in her parents’ attic was a bird cape and so she made one. Since then, the bird capes have remained a signature costume although she has now designed and sewn everything from snow queens, ringmasters and superheroes to fairies and pirate costumes. 

Why Spatz? "Spatz" is the German word for sparrow. In Southern Germany - where Jo is originally from - kids are often called "little sparrow" as a term of endearment by their mums.

When designing and testing costumes, Jo always strives to make them versatile, use mainly natural fibres and detail them as colourfully as a child's imagination. Patterns accommodate growing and active kids and have been tested on real little people.

Bespoke and custom made

As an atelier we offer ready-to-wear children's costumes as well as a bespoke service for custom made costumes that are made to measure and designed for or alongside a customer's wishes. All costumes are handmade in the UK and have been enjoyed by children worldwide.  

Costumes for an event, film, theater or project

We have produced garments and accessories for film and television as well as private events. In 2018 we collaborated with GOSH International and Superhope in making a number of bespoke superhero costumes for sick children, supporting their mental health during the healing process.



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