Bird Capes

This is how it all started.

A few years ago now, Jo’s daughter wanted a bird cape for Halloween. And although the dress-up box she Jo herself grew up with was a large seafarers chest full of beautifully handmade costumes, there was no bird cape. So she made one!

At the time it was a vintage orange velvet curtain and some remnants from a local fabric store that made the cape. Nowadays, the capes are made from both new and vintage material, but the technique hasn’t changed much.

Each bird cape is unique. The “feathers” are hand cut using new and vintage fabric and lined for durability, then sewn onto the actual cape. The collar is reinforced, embellished with real feathers, and ties with a colourful ribbon. The long tail feathers are fully lined and designed matching the fabric of the cape. 

Now, capes have hoods and matching masks and bird of all shades of the rainbow have been made in the studio. Have a look in the gallery for some examples. And if you feel inspired to commission a bird, just get in touch.