Very special superheroes

In 2018, Atelier Spatz was asked to get involved with GOSH International and Superhope to make a set of very special superhero costumes a number of patients in the Great Ormond Street Hospital International Patients unit. The project was aimed at helping the kids to find a positive mental attitude towards fighting their complex medical situation and recovery.

The costumes were all designed by the kids themselves and drawn up into sketches by comic illustrator Amrit Birdi. Unbeknown to the children, the designs were then transformed into real super suits by Atelier Spatz.

After only 5 weeks the costumes were ready to be revealed and the kids were treated to a professional photo and video shoot.

“When we gave them the costumes and they slipped into their role and stepped in front of the camera, they adopted totally different personas. Some of them were so shy when we first met them and they really came out of their shell, posing ... they loved it. It was a transformation.”

The full version of the documentary of the project made by Edan Shiller at Cleanslate can be found on the GOSH International webpage. And here is the short film Roy Peker made of the superheroes here.