White Rabbit Costume | Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit Costume | Alice in Wonderland

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"I'm late, I'm late,
for a very important date!"

This complete Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit outfit is modelled on the original drawings John Tenniel made for Lewis Carroll's famous tale in 1865. So, for the 151st birthday of the magical story, step into the world of Alice in Wonderland in style, play a round of croquet, drink tea with a mad hatter and ... don't loose your head!

The costume consists of a knee-length tunic, an Elizabethan neck ruff and a pair of bunny ears.

The tunic is made from microfibre fabric - soft as rabbit skin - and is embellished front and back with Tenniel's iconic playing card pattern, in felt and satin ribbon. The shoulders are tied with royal blue satin ribbon.

The Elizabethan ruff is hand-pleated and hand-sewn from a wide satin sash and ties with two tiny hooks.

The bunny ears are made from matching white microfibre fabric and skin-coloured felt, sewn to a hair band. They are slightly floppy.

Matching knickerbocker trousers can be purchased separately.

... and if you fancy something extra special: have a look at my golden version of the white rabbit.

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