Mermaid Tail Tutu | Arielle Costume | TAIL only

Mermaid Tail Tutu | Arielle Costume | TAIL only

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This Mermaid Tail will transform any little girl into a sea sirene!

Made from stretch Lycra in a shimmering metallic blue with a three-layer Tulle and Organza fin in aqua and blue with glittering waterdrop sparkles. The tail also features a back fin made from the blue metallic Lycra.

.... and don't worry, the tail is cut in a way that walking in it won't be a problem.

Please choose your size above.
Sizes stated correspond to the age of the child. If you are unsure about your little Mermaids size or need something special, just send me a message.

Each tail is made to order and takes about one week to make.


A complete mermaid costume with tail and top is also available.

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