Colourful Clown Collar

Colourful Clown Collar

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This classic jester, harlequin or clown collar in colourful diamond pattern can be worn by adults and kids alike. Made from high quality satin it ties with a satin ribbon and is adjustable to any neck size.

Size refers to the width of the collar.
8 cm = approx. 3 inches (child)
12cm = approx. 4.7 inches (teenager/ adult)

Smaller sizes have a more ruffled effect, while larger sizes are more suited for teenager or adults. The best way to decide which size is good for your harlequin is to measure the shoulder from neck to edge of shoulder and then determine what look you want to achieve.

The colourful clown pattern is available in two variations: blue/ green/ red and pink/ purple/ red.

Other colourful clown and black & white harlequin collars as well as romper suits and clown costumes can be found in the Circus Collection.

Washable at 30°C.

... did I mention, these are not just for kids!

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