Circus Clown VEST | Carnival Fasching Clown

Circus Clown VEST | Carnival Fasching Clown


Whether you are celebrating Carnival, Fasching, Mardi Gras or are having a Circus Party, this clown vest is the perfect and an easy way to transform any ordinary outfit into a fun clown costume.

Made from colourful satin and fully lined in pure cotton, the vest closes with colourful buttons in the various shapes and sizes including flowers, stars and hearts. Each vest is slightly different and buttons vary.

The vest is currently available as a limited edition in two sizes only, please get in touch if you need another size or something special.

Plenty of other clown accessories, including matching shorts, collars, pom pom hairbands, harlequin and circus costumes and baby clown romper suits are also available.

Most of all: have fun!

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