Harlequin Tulle Collar | Black, White or Grey

Harlequin Tulle Collar | Black, White or Grey

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This multi-layered tulle collar will transform any last minute idea into a eye catching costume.

In combination with some face paint, this tulle neck ruff is perfect for a last minute harlequin, circus or animal costume. Whether you are looking for a harlequin, gymnast, lion, mouse or swan, this collar has many ways of being dressed.

The collar is made from several layers of stiff and soft tulle to protect your child's skin and give the right amount of volume.

The collar comes in two width for children an adults and fits necks of all sizes:

Width: 10cm (4 inches) - child
Width: 14cm (5 1/2 inches) - adult.

Made from flame retardant tulle and veiling.

Collars are in stock and can be dispatched the next working day. If you find something out of stock or need something bespoke, please just send a message.

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